Brewer Oil Company collected over $30,000 for the Salvation Army in the month of December. We have supported this organization for more than 15 years. The money collected in each store goes to the nearest local chapter to support their mission directly in the communities where Brewer operates.

Brewer also sponsors a charity golf outing every year and donates all the proceeds for the event to the Salvation Army. This year’s tournament is June 13.



La Huerta Chevron at 1401 N. Canal is the newest location for drop-off recycling in Carlsbad. The City of Carlsbad Solid Waste Department has deployed a 30-cubic-yard roll-off container to the southwest end of the lot. This should be a big convenience for Carlsbad and Eddy County residents, as well as truckers and other travelers stopping at the La Huerta Chevron, to drop off recycling.

Brewer Oil recognized that drop-off recycling would benefit their store as well as the community as a whole. “Our focus has always been on a commitment to growth, based on a solid foundation of service, community and reliability.” Brewer has been a trusted name in the Pecos Valley since 1958, so the City of Carlsbad is pleased to have Brewer Oil join our growing and on-going recycling program.

The next time you need to fuel up or have a hankering for a tasty burrito, head to the La Huerta Chevron and bring along your recyclable materials to drop off! It’s convenient for you and it makes a big difference in extending the life of our community landfill, which is good for all of us.


Brewer Oil Co. has expanded across New Mexico over the past 50 years based on a business philosophy of integrity, reliability and a commitment to growth. Brewer Oil operates 36 Shell and Chevron convenience stores in New Mexico with 13 stores in the PNM Service Territory. Convenience stores have long hours of operation and are open seven days a week. Some equipment is on and running constantly even when the store is closed. Energy costs can add up even more when equipment is old and inefficient.

Brewer learned about potential energy savings by upgrading refrigeration equipment in the walk-in coolers and display case doors. They decided to install electronically commutated motors (ECMs) with fan controls. The ECM runs about 50 percent more efficiently than traditional shade pole motors.1 A fan control slows the fan motor speed when the compressor is not running. The fan speed control reduces energy use and heat generated from the fan motors.

The refrigerated display case doors use heaters to prevent condensation build up between the cold air on the inside and warm air in the store. Anti-sweat heaters often run 24 hours a day. The installation of humidity sensing controls prevents the heaters from running continuously while still keeping glass dehumidified.