Start planning now for no more sleepless nights!

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel and today’s engines have made winterizing your diesel fuel more challenging than ever.

The good new is we’ve got your back.  Trust us, we’ve got this.

We are proud to be a certified distributor of Power Service Xtreme Diesel Fuel.

  • Formulated to provide maximum cold-weather operability – advanced cold-flow improvers prevent gelling and protect against fuel-filter plugging.
  • +CETANE BOOST for faster cold starts
  • SLICKDIESEL Lubricator to protect fuel pumps and injectors from increased wear caused by ULSD
  • Year-round focus on diesel fuel quality – our fuel quality standards require regular fuel tank testing and maintenance to address water and other contaminants.

Forget those sleepless nights as the temperatures drop.  We’ve done all the work. No more prying open sealings with frozen hands and adding winterizers to your own fuel.  Let us handle it.

Just pump and go.  Trust us, we’ve got this.