Brewer Oil Company - Fleet

Brewer is one of the largest providers of wholesale Valvoline lubricants in New Mexico. Brewer wholesale representatives are Valvoline lubricants experts who are qualified to answer any questions you have, from light industrial to the most demanding large-scale operations. Developed through innovative research and constantly evolving technology, our products are designed to help your equipment maintain clean, efficient performance. As New Mexico engine oil and lubricant distributors, we carry the most advanced Valvoline™ lubricants and oils available for a variety of industrial applications. Brewer has delivery and warehouse facilities in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Artesia, New Mexico that cover southern Colorado to El Paso, Texas, and Hobbs to Silver City, New Mexico.  Call our team of New Mexico engine oil and lubricant distributors today, and learn more about our solutions that can cut operating costs, minimize downtime, extend the life of your equipment and keep your operation running at PEAK PERFORMANCE!

Motor Oils & Lubricants

  • Full Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oils
  • Synthetic Blend Passenger Car Motor Oils
  • Synthetic Blend High Mileage Passenger Car Motor Oils
  • Heavy Duty Motor Oils
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Universal Tractor Fluid
  • AW Hydraulic Fluids
  • Grease

Service Chemicals

  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Brake Parts Cleaners
  • Fuel & Octane Additives
  • Fuel Injector Cleaners
  • Degreaser & Cleaners
  • Spray Lubricants
  • Penetrating Oils


  • All Makes All Models Formula
  • Low Silicate Formula
  • Dexcool Compatible Formula

Wiper Blades

  • OEM Series Beam Blades
  • OEM Series All Season Blades

Professional Chemical Service Kits

  • 3-Step Fuel Injection
  • 2-Step Fuel Injection
  • 2-Step Automatic Transmission
  • 2-Step Power Steering Fluid
  • 2-Step Cooling System Recharge


  • Extended Protection Synthetic Filters
  • Oil & Air Filters
  • Cabin & Fuel Filters
  • Transmission Filter Kits
  • Breather Elements


Heavy Duty Motor Oils

  • Full Synthetic
  • Synthetic Blend

Gear Lubricants & Hydraulic Oils

Way Oils & Turbine Oils

Diesel Exhaust Fluid & Fuel Additives

Heavy Duty Extended Life Antifreezes

Greases & Drive Train TO-4 Oils

Rock Drill & Concrete Form Oils

Gas Engine Oils


Please visit Valvoline to download SDS and Product Datasheets.


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